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Poster: jerlouvis Date: Jul 27, 2011 1:14pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: trolls and such

Appreciate the sentiment Fenario80,I wasn't looking for folks to comment or check out my thread,I was trying to make a point on what I see as a strange imbalance on a forum supposedly dedicated to discussion of the music of the GD,the point could also be made that it is not an interesting topic to the fine folks here on the forum,or like yourself you are busy and haven't the time to respond.My post was in no way in response to anything you stated in yours.
I understand what your saying WT,I have been coming here for close to 3 years now and enjoy the forum exactly the way it is,I get how it works and have no qualms whatsoever.While I find some less some enjoyable than others,I find no one problematic ,not even the trolls for I don't interact with them.I'm sure the majority of musical questions and topics have been addressed,I think there are enough new people to converse amongst ourselves,and I would hope we were intelligent enough to pose some new and interesting thoughts,while our predecessors might have covered every intelligent thought to be uttered in relation to the GD and their music,I would like a chance to kick it around some with the few people who come to a music forum to discuss music,for I have read and participated
in a number of very interesting and thought provoking threads just recently,and at times far more interesting than what has been passing for discussion here the last year or so.
Once again I was only commenting on a dynamic I see as unusual,I'm certainly not saying anything about how people should comport themselves,have at it people.